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My work combines labyrinthine interior spaces with an ambiguous atmosphere. 


Dramatic lighting plays a key part in my work, reminiscent of film noir and theatrical theatre sets.  Shafts of bright light contrasted with intense dark shadows drawing the viewer through the spaces in both my paintings and drawings.  The creation of space and layers is evident through digital manipulation, projections and the gradual process of building up colour and texture in my oil paintings.  Subtle colouring is introduced through digital manipulation, and composition plays a key role in creating an interaction between the viewer and these interior architectural spaces. 


Despite suggestive architectural details hinting at an element of reality, these spaces remain undefined.  There is a sense of ambiguity and absence of humanity which enables the viewer to associate their own thoughts and feelings with these spaces.  My work combines real architectural spaces and those based on simply constructed small–scale models, inviting the viewer to question the real existence of these spaces.


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